Monday, June 19, 2017

Home Office Makeover

My Hubby started working from home back in February of 2016.  Back then we still lived in Utah and his office was squeezed into our guest room so we bought a smaller table/desk and just made it work until we moved that summer.  

Fast forward to now, we've been living in Georgia for nearly a year, he is still working from home, but he now has an entire room on our main floor for his office.  

Sadly, up until this week it's looked like this:

Random stuff and all of our important files sat in this corner pretty much since we moved in.

So this closet was actually full of boxes and all of our board games! I didn't think to take the before pictures until after I'd already hauled out all of the games and started unpacking the boxes (which were mostly all books).
Not very inviting.  
I can't believe we've let it look like this for so long!

He went out of town for 3 days this past week and I decided to give it a complete overhaul to surprise him for Father's Day!

 So I worked really hard to unpack boxes, move out excess stuff that shouldn't have been in there and then I got to work pulling the room together!

I did all of this and I could have easily stopped here:

Curtains, new shelves to display things and a new (to him) desk.  He would have still been super happy and surprised with this much done!
The desk was brought up from the basement. I was using it for my craft desk but we are going to do a much bigger one so this one was free for the using! It was so much nicer and hid all of the ugly computer cords so well.  Plus--more storage!  I hung curtains to make the room feel cozy and go these shelves from Target and put them together after the kids went to bed.  (Only took 4 episodes of Friends doing it on my own...)

But why stop there?? 

I bought a real plant for the top of the shelves and then got new updated pictures for these frames that we used to have hanging in our old house.  I created a gallery of family photos for him to look at every day!  Very "Father's Day" appropriate, too :)

(The cats really liked Scott's new office... )

On the other side of the office I got another plant (which we have to shew the cats away from!) and pulled up this black chair from the basement.  The chair isn't super nice, but it was left behind from the previous homeowners and it actually works really great in the space! Plus now I have a cozy chair to sit in when I bug hubby at "work" :)

The closet is holding a bunch of our books (until we figure out where to put real bookshelves) and the file boxes are organized and look much nicer in the close than in a heaping mess in the corner of the floor.  Plus, the doors can stay closed and the mess will be hidden.

Bonus points:  I filled Scott's desk drawers with organizers and office supplies from the dollar store.  

His trashcan is hidden nicely in this lower cupboard part of the desk

I'm really happy that I found a great way to display his Garfield comic book collection that he had from childhood.  So much better here than stuck in a box!

Hubby came home late on Wednesday night, so I had to stay quiet all night and all morning he was really taking his time "getting to work" so I was patiently waiting for him to walk in and get the surprise of his life ;)  It was so much fun to watch!  I totally wish I got it on video, but he was just a little too quick for me to grab the camera. Totally worth all the hard work and late nights. 

 What do you think?


  1. So much better!! I love how you used stuff you already had. So clever. There's so much more color. Good job Katie!

  2. Great job. Good motivation to do mine!

  3. This sounds like so much fun! I just found this while looking through and reading your blog Kristen. I am in the process of re-doing my home office . I have painted so far. I would love to join in on this it will keep me motivated and focused to continue on. I also am a new blogger and I’m learning how to make blogging work. I am not sure how this works but I sure am going to give it a try and learn as I go.

  4. Looks amazing!! How in the world did you get all that done in 3 days?! Way to go!


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