Monday, May 08, 2017

Cute Finds ~ Affordable Cute Girl's Dresses

Sometimes I find super cute things.

And I buy them.

I couldn't decide which one of these adorable dresses to buy, however, so I took pictures of them to share with you instead.

These dresses are perfect for play days or even slightly nicer things that call for a dress.
And they are only $5 at Walmart!

{I like Walmart and I'm not ashamed to say it.}

What do you think? Cute, right?!

They are still there and I might snag one but I still can't decide what style.
 I might size up, too because Ruby has way too many clothes right now and she'll need bigger sized eventually, right??

Which one is your favorite??

1 comment:

  1. These are so cute!! I like them all, but maybe the first and last the most.


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