Thursday, March 31, 2016

March Misc


Never good when your kid takes a SECOND nap at 6pm...he woke up sick and was the sickest I've ever seen him for the next 4 days :(

Sometimes the princess wakes up grumpy from a late nap and needs mommy snuggles


Monday, March 28, 2016

Happy Easter!

I hope everyone had a great Easter Sunday! We had a very busy busy day!
Filled with fun, family and food! Hashtag Real Life.  Don't worry, I got a couple semi-decent pictures later in the post!

Easter baskets all filled and ready!
Even Ruby was so happy to see her goodies in the basket!
I got these magnify glasses at Kohl's--later I found out they had whistles on the bottom of the handles! (oi!) The boys love looking for bugs, so they've already gotten a lot of use. 

I found these glasses at the Dollar Tree--Luke has been wearing his non-stop! 
Sam and his bubbles! He couldn't wait to go outside with them.  

Ruby loves books, so I put a bunch of little board books his her basket.

Next was the Egg Hunt in our yard!
It was pretty chilly outside, but I managed to get Ruby to get down and grab a couple eggs before she flipped out at the cold wind in her face!

Sam was first to find a golden egg!

Ruby was DONE.

Luke finally found his golden egg!

THEN, because I'm so awesome, I made my kids bunny pancakes!  Sam said he didn't want any, but once he saw it he ate the entire thing! 
Luke requested scrambled eggs, so I made those too.

After breakfast, I had to scramble myself, and get everyone ready for church.  There wasn't any time to take a picture before church, so I had to cross my fingers that Ruby wouldn't get her dress dirty crawling all over the floors!  All was fine, and we attempted pictures when we got home. These three make it SO hard to get a decent picture.  At least they're cute.

AND THEN, hubby wanted to try and get a picture with us in it too!  That meant a tripod, a timer, a place to sit....but I went with it.

It was really really sunny which is never good for pictures.  The kids were squinting and scrunching their faces the whole time.  We tried some different angles, locations, and tactics and this is what we ended up with:

Ruby had no interest in looking at the camera when there wasn't a person behind it, so 4/5 is going to have to do.  Since we haven't had a family picture in probably over a year...I'll take it!

The rest of the day I spent making mini cheesecakes and strawberry spinach salad to take to dinner with my siblings and their families! We spent 3+ hours eating and hanging out and then came home and I was so dead tired I couldn't stay awake after 9:30 and kept falling asleep while hubby was talking to me and trying to watch TV with me!

It was a fun filled day and I hope that you all had just as much fun, family, and food as we did!
Happy Easter Everyone!

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Thanksgiving Point Egg-streme and Curiosity Museum

Saturday we met up with Grandpa Brown at the Thanksgiving Point Egg-streme egg hunt.  
It was crazy crowded, but I think the boys had fun despite the huge lines for everything and the mad chaos that was the egg hunt. 

I attempted to let Ruby participate in the 0-3 egg hunt---she was basically just surrounded by the insane crazy parents.  She came out with one egg, but it was seriously a joke.
  She was much happier chilling in the stroller with her new sunglasses

We left the event to go play at the curiosity museum.
Grandpa Brown reading Ruby a book in the library...  

 Ruby was in heaven in this toddler area! She played here for-ev-er and loved every minute. 

She really didn't want to leave--we'll definitely have to go back soon sometime. 

Thursday, March 24, 2016

The First Egg Hunt

Our realtor has these amazing customer appreciation events every year and this year was the 3rd annual Easter Egg-stravaganza!  There was a professional photographer for pictures, Pictures with the Easter bunny, a petting zoo, Inflatables, a massive egg hunt and of course lots of food!  All in all a great way to start all the Easter fun!  My sister and her family (long time friends with our realtor, Joe) and my brother Al and his family are always there, too because we all used Joe for finding and buying our houses!

I'm hoping to get a picture from the actual photographer, but this is one I snuck with my own camera.  Ruby kept giving us the stink face, but I think towards the end the photographer got smiles from everyone!

 Luke trying to pet a baby goat! Sam was not interested and merely followed Luke around.  He wouldn't touch the animals!

Ruby  loves animals but she was really unsure about being in the same pen with a bunch of them!  There were several rabbits and goats running around, a pony, turtles, chinchilla, guinea pig, a duck, a big pig, funny looking chickens, and I'm sure there were more that I didn't notice. It was so fun and the animals were all really tame and cute. 

She was much happier to get out of the petting zoo pen.

Sam and his cousin Mara waiting for their age group to start (0-5)
 Sam loves Mara so much.  I think he would go live at her house in a heartbeat.
 He was SO EXCITED so go get eggs!

This is Luke's cousin, Isaac.  Isaac was trying to make getting a good picture hard--but I tricked him and ended up getting a smile when he didn't realize it!  I do have about 10 others with goofy faces ;) Luke and Isaac were in the next age group (6-10). 

 It didn't take Ruby long to figure out there was candy in the eggs!  This is actually her first "real" Easter season because last year she was only like 6 months old and didn't care one bit about it all.  I just wish she were walking so she could have participated herself!

I'm sure I'll post again about this coming weekend and all the rest of our Easter festivities so stay tuned and thanks for reading!

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