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Ruby Kate Brown
7lbs 13 oz ; 18.5 in
October 3, 2014

Thursday, October 02, 2014

One Day More

Welp.  We made it.  DSC_9180-2bBaby Girl’s due date is tomorrow and I will be very excited to get that phone call from the hospital telling me it’s time to come in! 

I’ve been having crazy contractions here and there since last weekend, but nothing consistent.  Good thing for inductions!  This baby is certainly getting evicted this weekend.  The bags are packed, the camera is charged and we are ready to meet this baby girl! 

Since we are pretty much ready, I just spent the morning hanging out with a friend, cleaning up the house and then I tried a few different times today to get some last minute belly shots:

DSC_9080-2 DSC_9108-3 DSC_9168-3

Here’s my 39 week pictures from when I was pregnant with Sam (11lbs).  I’m not entirely convinced that this baby girl will be much smaller like the Doctor and techs are saying…DSC_3770-2

We are excited to find out not only how big she is, but also if she will have hair and if that hair will be RED!

Now I just need to convince everyone to keep my house this clean through the weekend…

Friday, September 26, 2014

The Zoo

Most Saturdays, my hubby wants to go somewhere fun. 

This past weekend we decided to drive up to the Hogle Zoo and see all the animals!  Unlike our last zoo experience, Sam was very excited and loved seeing all the animals!

DSC_9025 DSC_9027

Luke wanted to see the lions – she was taking a nap right by the window! DSC_9029

It’s hard to see the elephants in these next two pictures—but I always like seeing the elephants.  They are just such awesome creatures! DSC_9030 DSC_9032 DSC_9049

This leopard kept pacing back and forth in front of the window.  Every time it got close to Sam, Sam would jump back and squeal!  It was hilarious!   DSC_9055 DSC_9052 DSC_9054

This crocodile was pretty cool looking, too.   DSC_9057 DSC_9058 We got to see pretty much everything with only one tantrum out of the red-headed child!  That is success!!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Baby Girl Projects: Hair Bow Holder Frame

This will be the last of the baby girl projects until I finish her room!  I have done a lot of projects to decorate the nursery, but I'm going to post them once the room is all done.

This one was pretty easy, too! I like easy if you haven't noticed.

I took a very large frame that I already had (I tend to collect them) and spray painted it purple.  This particular frame did not have glass, but it did have a hard backing.  I took that hard backing and covered it with thin batting and a piece
of fabric using hot glue to secure it.

Then I took lace and ivory ribbons with gold designs (like gold polka dots) to string across the whole thing. I got all my ribbons and lace at Hobby Lobby during a 50% off sale.  (I didn't use all these ribbons, but I found all these cute trims and ribbons at Hobby Lobby and they were hard to resist!)

I also secured the ribbons using hot glue on the back.  Then I put it all back into the frame and I was done!  I just clipped on a bunch of hair bows that I had leftover from the ones I used to make for craft fairs.

The original plan was to screw hooks directly into the bottom of the frame to hang all my elastic headbands, but then I decided I would just re-use the hooks that I used to hang towels on for Sam.  So I spray painted that purple too and then hung up all her headbands (which I got for crazy good steals from a girl selling them on a Yardsale Facbook page)

Something happy to look at when you first come in the room!  This picture shows the ever-so-smidgen of a sneak peak at the curtains ;)
Hair Bow Holder Frame on Smile Like You Mean it

 The rest of the room will have to wait until I get it all done!  Hopefully that will be this week or next.  Baby is coming soon!  I'm 38 weeks as of yesterday!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Baby Girl Projects: Car Seat Canopy

I almost forgot about this project--which is silly since it's the first one I did and it's been on the car seat by the front door for over a month now!

We had to get a new car seat since our previous infant seat expired in July.  I got one that was dark teal so that it was gender neutral but still pretty.  Baby girls need pretty things. 

The colors of the car seat inspired this fabric choice and I love how it turned out! 

 Of course she needs bows instead of buttons on the handles ;)

 I love this fabric! (found in store at JoAnns)

I found this pink floral at Walmart

There's a million and a half tutorials out there on how to make one of these--just Google it and find one that looks like how you want it to look.  

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Baby Girl Projects: Easy Baby Blankets

You can never have enough blankets when babies are around!  I love having lots especially for variety in all the dozens of photos I take of my cute little munchkins!

Here are two blankets i whipped up one morning: Easy-Baby-Blankets-on-Smile-Like-You-Mean-It

First, I got this crocheted blanket at a vintage market and I wanted to try lining it with flannel to make it warmer and more cozy.  I found this cute fabric at JoAnn’s (couldn’t find it online) and did my best to cut out a big piece to fit the blanket - allowing enough of the edges to fold under.  Then I just sewed the flannel piece directly to the crocheted blanket. Flannel-Backed-Crocheted-Blanket-on-Smile-Like-You-Mean-It

Second, I made a flannel backed blanket.  I also found this cute cotton chevron fabric at JoAnn’s and got a coordinating piece of flannel to put on the back (couldn’t find them online).  They are super easy to make too!  Just get 1 1/2 yards each of 2 coordinating patterns.  Lay them right sides together and then trim your edges so the blanket is nice and straight.  You can make curved corners if you’d like—just use a bowl for your curve template.  Then sew up the edge with the fabrics right sides together—leave part of an edge about 8 inches un-sewn.  Then use that hole and turn the blanket right sides out.  Topstitch around the entire blanket, and iron it when you are all done! I decided to topstitch it using a blanket stitch that I have on my sewing machineChevron-Flannel-Blanket-with-machine-blanket-stich-on-Smile-Like-You-Mean-it

If you are looking for more baby blanket ideas, I posted a few others a while back.  Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Baby Girl Projects: Easy Baby Burp Cloths

Some babies don’t spit up much (Luke) and some babies spit up a lot (Sam)!  I’m not sure which way this baby will go on that, but it’s better to be prepared so I made ten super cute burp cloths to take on the task.

These are super easy to make and they are so fun to customize and make cute!

Here are all 10 of the cloths I made!Easy-and-Cute-Baby-Burp-Clothes-on-Smile-Like-You-Mean-It

I made 7 burp cloths using wide strips of fabric: Cute-Baby-Girl-Burp-Clothes-using-fabric-remnants-on-Smile-Like-You-Mean-It
I didn’t need a tutorial for these (they are pretty simple), but if you do, I found this really great one on The Petite Lemon blog  I would highly recommend pre-washing the pre-fold diapers before you sew them.  They shrink up a lot in the wash the first time.  You can pre-wash all the fabric you use, too, but I’m super lazy and don’t do that part. If you don’t pre-wash the diapers, though, you will likely regret it later when you wash them.  I did not iron the diapers after I washed them.  That will just stretch them out again, and I don’t think it’s necessary.

The other 3 cloths, I sewed ribbon on the ends.  Use a lighter to seal the ends of the ribbon, and cut it longer than you think you need because the diapers will stretch as you sew and you want to make sure the ribbon goes all the way to the edges. 

Some people don’t like the burp cloths with fabric doing down the middle because they say it’s less absorbent—if you are in that camp, then the ribbon edged ones are the way to go because they leave most of the middle plain so that the diaper part is catching all the spit up. I don’t mind either way, and I love a good excuse to use a lot of different cute fabrics!

If you are looking for a simple baby gift, this is a great one.

Next Up: Easy Baby Blankets

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