Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Bob Jones and All the Toothbrushes.

About a year after Scott and I got married, we moved into our house.

Not having a lot of extra money around for just whatever, Scott went through a short, phase of signing up for free samples under the name Bob Jones.  Who doesn’t like free stuff??

Bob received all kinds of goodies—shampoos, shaving gel, lotions, food samples, drink samples…

And then Bob got the toothbrush box. 


Inside this big red box was a classroom set (about 25) of little booklets and packets containing a child toothbrush and sample sized toothpaste.DSC_7233

Since I didn’t have much use for anything other than the toothbrushes and toothpaste, most of it got recycled.  But, I had to open each and every one of those packets, to pull out the toothbrushes and toothpaste samples.  (kind of a pain)DSC_7234

Well here’s the funny thing…


Every single year.  For the last 5 years!!!

Now I just kind of laugh, but I know it’s going to come every spring!  And I sit there and open up all those packets and keep all the toothbrushes and toothpaste and recycle the rest. 

We now have an entire drawer in our guest bathroom filled with them!!DSC_7236

Comes in handy with my babies who have both gone through a chewing-toothbrush-loving phase.  I don’t feel guilty about getting a perfectly good toothbrush dirty or ruined since I have dozens and dozens!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


In the last couple of months Play dough has saved my sanity.  

Sam and Luke will play with it for up to an hour some days.  Usually at least 20 or 30 minutes.  That means some nice quiet free time for mom to get something done or slip away for a break.
Yes, it’s messy and playdoh bits end up all over the floor.  But, if you let it dry out a bit then it easily sweeps up.  And for 30 minutes of peace and quiet play time…I’ll take the mess.

We use cookie cutters and this play dough set from Melissa and Doug to play.  We keep the play dough in a zip lock bag and keep all of this together in a shoebox size plastic tub with lid.

I’ve been making a lot of play dough lately.  First for the boys just to keep busy, then for my kids at church and then green sparkly play dough for Luke to take to school for St Patrick's day (you may have seen it on Instagram)

This is my favorite recipe:
2 cups flour
1/2 c salt
2 Tbsp. cream of tartar
1 1/2 c water
2 Tb oil
Food coloring or Koolaid packet

Boil the water in the microwave or on the stovetop.  While water comes to a bowl, mix all the dry ingredients together in a bowl (flour, salt, cream of tartar).  Drop in the food coloring or mix in the koolaid packet.  Pour in the oil and the boiling water and mix it up with a spoon.  Mix it as much as you can with a spoon and then take it out of the bowl and knead it to mix it up the rest of the way.  You can let it cool down a bit before kneading it, but I usually just get it all done even when it's hot. 

Then let it cool and the kids can play with it immediately or you can put it in the ziplock bag as soon as you are done kneading it to store it for later. 

I usually use koolaid packets to color it (even the generic brands work) because they give the play dough great color and a yummy smell.  I did, however use food coloring to make Luke's green sparkly play dough because I didn't have any green koolaid packets and it worked great, too. 

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Hello, again

I was seriously on a blogging high…I wrote 14 times in January…and then crickets. {smack forehead} 

Our family pretty much took turns getting sick every week in February, including me.  First Sam was sick with some weird virus for 3-4 days—super miserable. IMG_20140203_165404

Then I was sick and it wasn’t just a little cold.  I was completely out of commission for four days—in bed, completely useless and miserable.  Strep throat on top of a severe cold.  I couldn’t breathe, eat or so much of anything so I just laid in bed, slept and cleared my DVR.

Luke had a pretty bad cough, but never got really sick enough to miss more than a day of school (and that was more because I didn’t want to drive him). 

Then Hubby got sick.  I made him go to the doctor since he had a sore throat, but he didn’t have Strep.

Then Sam got sick AGAIN—this time with Strep AND Croup.  I knew immediately he had croup so I squeezed in a doctors visit on a Friday afternoon (why do kids always get sick on Fridays??) and it was confirmed.  I made them check him for Strep too since I just had it.  The doc was skeptical, but said he would test him since I had a positive strep test and Sam’s throat was a bit redder than usual.  Yep.  He had it.  So he got a big steroid shot for the croup and antibiotics for Strep.  IMG_20140221_162755-2

By the time all of that was over, so was February.  And I didn’t really accomplish much.   

Our family usually doesn’t get sick that much throughout the year, so dealing with an entire month of illness was pretty rough. (Except for all the snuggles—that’s always welcome)  IMG_20140220_170621

Thinking we were in the clear was also clearly a mistake.  I got sick.  again.  This week.  Another sore throat, but not as bad and with minor cold symptoms, so I didn’t go in to the doctor this time.  Wiped me out for a few days, but the cold is disappearing and I’m feeling more or less normal again.  I’m getting pretty sick of laying on my bed all the time. 

I really really really hope we can stay healthy now!!! It’s going to take me all next week to get the house back in order.  Moms being out of commission really messes up the flow of things and the house is a disaster.

Spring is so close!  We can’t wait for it to be warm and stay warm so we can soak up more of this:IMG_20140313_170416

with flip flops instead though ;)

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Sam’s 2nd Birthday & Car Cake

Sam turned 2 yesterday!

I always think the year between ages 1 and 2 goes the fastest!  

Sam's been acting the part of a 2 year old for a while now--most of the day looked like this:

I wanted to make him an awesome cake but didn't want to eat it all ourselves so we invited all the cousins! They helped us put a nice big dent in that massive cake. 

Speaking of's pretty hard to get a good picture of 7 munchkins...

Sam kept trying to blow out his candles even though he already did...

Let's rewind a bit...

He definitely loved his cake!

He got all shy when we were singing to him. 

My one regret was not taking a video of him blowing out the candles because it sure was cute!!  It took a few tries, but he did get them blown out at the same time!

Then like I said before, he kept trying to blow them out after they were out!

The funniest part about me spending all day making him an awesome cake?

He does even like to eat it.

So he had ice cream instead!

Here is what I worked on ALL day... Car Birthday Cake

I used m&m’s to make the borders, and I cut out the number 2 from a black Wilton sugar sheet. 

Then for all the cars, I used the butter cream transfer technique that I used for Luke’s Avenger cake last summer.  I just did it for a bunch of little cars and trucks. Car Cake Side 1 Car Cake Side 2 Car Cake Side 3 If I were to do it again, though, I would skip the butter cream transfer technique and just draw cars and trucks on the cake itself.  It was tricky getting them to stick to the side of the cake and they were so small that they melted really fast and were hard to work with.  I do have to admit that I’m pretty proud of my cake!  My kids may not get a big party every year, but they will always get an awesome cake made with love!!

I did take videos of Sam opening his presents—he kept saying “Ohhhh Woooowwww!!”

He got a big ball from the cousins--he pretty much was in love with it.

He liked his other presents too--puzzles, an interactive book and a really fun flashlight.

Happy Birthday munchkin! We sure are glad you are around!

Sunday, January 26, 2014


Our Saturday and Sunday mornings often is some variation of this...

Except the cat and I are usually squished in there somewhere, too.  


Friday, January 24, 2014

Valentine’s Day Porch Decor & Wreath

I don’t know about you, but my house is down right depressing after I take down all the Christmas Decorations.  So I put up some Valentine’s Day decor up—starting with the porch.  Something fun to come home to when I run errands.Valentines Day Porch

I’ve never had a good Valentine’s Day wreath, so I started with that.  I love yarn wreaths and I had the perfect thick purple yarn in my stash. 

Things didn’t go quite as planned. 

I just wanted to do a big cute bow—but I thought it looked too plain.  Yarn wreath with bowYarn wreath with bow

A few days later I found some pink and purple glitter stems marked 90% off (making them like 14 & 19 cents each!) at Michael’s so I took down the wreath to add them for extra embellishment. 

And well that’s when things went really wrong…broken yarn wreath


Lots of hot glue and duck tape later I had fixed it and then I could add my extra embellishments.

Ta-Da…   Valentine's Day Yarn and Glitter Wreath

And now I love it!

But then my porch pots were looking sad without anything in them so I got this crazy idea to make a heart pillow and put it on a stick…

  Heart Pillow SticksHeart Pillow Stick 

I don’t have a pattern but this is a picture of how I cut and stitched it together…

Heart Pillow on a Stick Pattern Stitch two pieces of your fabric right sides together.  Leave the bottom open so you can flip it right side out and stuff it.  Then stuff your dowel in it and tie it together with ribbon.  I used pinking shears on the bottom raw edge.

Valentines Day Porch

Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Scrappin Sunday

I really hope I can keep this up!

Last Week's Pages:

 I was liking this Baby Announcement page, but I still think doing an infographic page would be really fun for his book.  So I might work on that this week.

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