About Me

I grew up in Ohio
My hubby, Scott, grew up in Georgia.
We met at Brigham Young University {BYU}, dated for 15 months, were engaged for 3
We got married on July 28, 2007 and lived in Utah for nearly 9 years.
We took a giant leap of faith and moved to Georgia in July 2016. We wanted some new experiences and to be closer to Scott's family.
We had our first boy, Luke, 2008
We had our angel baby girl, Rachel, 2010
We had our second boy, Sam, 2012
We finally had a baby girl, Ruby, 2014

I graduated with a BS in Family Life which was appropriate since I knew I would be spending my days as a stay-at-home mom.  If I were to go back to school I would definitely do graphic design and Photography {because I'm a lazy self-learner!!} 
I am self-taught in Photoshop and you can see a sampling of what I have done in my "portfolio" so to speak.  I also love making other cute things in Photoshop to enjoy and to share with others! See some of my free printables. I am also trying to create yearbooks with digital scrapbooking pages of our life.
I run a small business making family tree art ~ Check out My Branches 
I loved our first house  in Utah and the process of making it our home.
Now I have a new house in Georgia that I will start making our own!

I love being a mom; though my kids make me equally crazy and happy every single day.
I love collecting recipes and trying a new one on occasion
I love taking pictures and especially love editing them

I don’t love sewing (I prefer a hot glue gun!) but I love the end result after sewing something new and fun (and inexpensive!)

Crafting and Creating is something I was born to do, and I’m grateful that I can be an at-home mom so that I can do those things while I spend time with my little ones.

I hope you enjoy my blog! I’m glad you are here!

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