Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Baby Girl Projects- Bouncy Chair Makeover

When my doctor was talking to me at the end of August about the possibility of needing to deliver early, I immediately jumped into “baby girl projects” mode and tried to get as much as I could done!  I also kind of flipped on major nesting and started cleaning out all the closets and rooms in the house (there was one day I spent an hour scrubbing the toaster oven?! Ridiculous)…but that’s not nearly exciting for you as all the cute girly stuff.  This week I am going to start posting all the girly projects I've been working on around here. 

First up—The Bouncer Chair

I received this chair as a gift when I had Luke and it has gotten a TON of use.  First Luke used it all the time, and then I used it all the time with Sam, too!  It’s just nice to have a spot to put the baby down that’s near you sometimes—I especially use it when I am working on the computer or trying to eat dinner.  It’s pretty portable and can be moved from room to room.  However, it’s kind of ugly so it definitely needed to be cute-i-fied for baby girl! 

Here’s what it started out as: The original bouncy chair

This was the makeover for Sam—I just made a really basic cover using fleece I had laying around.  It must have been pretty comfy because Sam fell asleep there all the time! Fleece Covered Bouncy Chair

And now here is what it looks like now! Bouncy-Chair-with-New-Cover-on-Smile-Like-You-Mean-It I spray painted the blue legs pink and then covered the chair in batting and then a cute white and gray polka dot fabric that I got on fabric.com.  I’ve been working on Sam’s baby book and there are A LOT of pictures of Sam when he’s being cute in the bouncer chair, so when I was picking fabric I wanted something cute but really neutral!  I think we found a winner!

Tomorrow: Easy Baby Burp Cloths! 

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  1. I love how you painted the legs! So smart, so cute! Baby girl is getting spoiled already :)


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