Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Baby Girl Projects: Easy Baby Burp Cloths

Some babies don’t spit up much (Luke) and some babies spit up a lot (Sam)!  I’m not sure which way this baby will go on that, but it’s better to be prepared so I made ten super cute burp cloths to take on the task.

These are super easy to make and they are so fun to customize and make cute!

Here are all 10 of the cloths I made!Easy-and-Cute-Baby-Burp-Clothes-on-Smile-Like-You-Mean-It

I made 7 burp cloths using wide strips of fabric: Cute-Baby-Girl-Burp-Clothes-using-fabric-remnants-on-Smile-Like-You-Mean-It
I didn’t need a tutorial for these (they are pretty simple), but if you do, I found this really great one on The Petite Lemon blog  I would highly recommend pre-washing the pre-fold diapers before you sew them.  They shrink up a lot in the wash the first time.  You can pre-wash all the fabric you use, too, but I’m super lazy and don’t do that part. If you don’t pre-wash the diapers, though, you will likely regret it later when you wash them.  I did not iron the diapers after I washed them.  That will just stretch them out again, and I don’t think it’s necessary.

The other 3 cloths, I sewed ribbon on the ends.  Use a lighter to seal the ends of the ribbon, and cut it longer than you think you need because the diapers will stretch as you sew and you want to make sure the ribbon goes all the way to the edges. 

Some people don’t like the burp cloths with fabric doing down the middle because they say it’s less absorbent—if you are in that camp, then the ribbon edged ones are the way to go because they leave most of the middle plain so that the diaper part is catching all the spit up. I don’t mind either way, and I love a good excuse to use a lot of different cute fabrics!

If you are looking for a simple baby gift, this is a great one.

Next Up: Easy Baby Blankets

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