Friday, January 24, 2014

Valentine’s Day Porch Decor & Wreath

I don’t know about you, but my house is down right depressing after I take down all the Christmas Decorations.  So I put up some Valentine’s Day decor up—starting with the porch.  Something fun to come home to when I run errands.Valentines Day Porch

I’ve never had a good Valentine’s Day wreath, so I started with that.  I love yarn wreaths and I had the perfect thick purple yarn in my stash. 

Things didn’t go quite as planned. 

I just wanted to do a big cute bow—but I thought it looked too plain.  Yarn wreath with bowYarn wreath with bow

A few days later I found some pink and purple glitter stems marked 90% off (making them like 14 & 19 cents each!) at Michael’s so I took down the wreath to add them for extra embellishment. 

And well that’s when things went really wrong…broken yarn wreath


Lots of hot glue and duck tape later I had fixed it and then I could add my extra embellishments.

Ta-Da…   Valentine's Day Yarn and Glitter Wreath

And now I love it!

But then my porch pots were looking sad without anything in them so I got this crazy idea to make a heart pillow and put it on a stick…

  Heart Pillow SticksHeart Pillow Stick 

I don’t have a pattern but this is a picture of how I cut and stitched it together…

Heart Pillow on a Stick Pattern Stitch two pieces of your fabric right sides together.  Leave the bottom open so you can flip it right side out and stuff it.  Then stuff your dowel in it and tie it together with ribbon.  I used pinking shears on the bottom raw edge.

Valentines Day Porch

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  1. Your porch is beautiful with it’s simple yet elegant decorations. I have to tell you how much I love the wreath on the stunning red door. I think you can also add surfboard signs to your decorations as an alternative to name plates there outside.


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