Monday, January 13, 2014

IKEA RAST hack – Teal and Tacks

I started making over our Master Bedroom in September--I got busy with Family Trees so I haven't finished all the details in the room enough to show it off.

But I've been wanting to show off these nightstands for months now!

When I started the Master Bedroom overhaul I decided we needed nightstands that had more storage space.  I immediately thought of all the cute IKEA Rast hacks that I've seen and knew that I wanted to do one of my own!

When I was choosing the paint color for our bedroom I ended up buying a whole gallon of a really dark Teal color.  I decided not to put it up on the walls, but then I was left with a whole gallon!  So I chose to paint my Rast nightstands with it instead!

IMG_20130911_125721 IMG_20130911_190227 Then I got some cute knobs at Hobby Lobby when they were 50% off (this happens all the time--do NOT pay full price!) And I got some upholstery tacks for the edges and I love love love how it looks!


And with a little fake staging, here's the final result! IKEA-Rast-Hack-Teal-and-TacksIKEA-Rast-Hack-Side-View


You'll have to see them in their final nightstand glory once I finish the rest of the room, but for now I'm happy to show them off like this!


So what do you think?


  1. The upholstery tacks really jazz up the piece...LOVE it!

  2. Looks amazing! Great job!


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