Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sunday Scrappin'

I got three pages done this weekend!  One more page (probably do it today) and I'll be done with Sam's first month! Phew!

I have to vent for a minute.

I keep looking all over Google & Pinterest for scrapbook page inspiration.

My problem with a lot of the pages I see is that you'll have one big page, one single small photo and a lot of embellishment.  It seems that a lot of the pages I see, the photos are not the focus, but the paper and embellishment.

I got so annoyed last night when I was looking through the quick-pages and templates I have because the spots for the photos are tiny in comparison to the whole page and I hate that!  I want my photos to take center stage.  When I flip through my scrapbooks I want to say--"Cute Pictures!" and not "Cute Scrapbook Page!"

Like these:

They are cute pages, but the photo spots are so TINY.  There is so much blank page and it's such a waste.

I can't seem to find any good sources where people feel and scrap the same way I do.

If you know of any digi-scrappers that focus on their pictures more than the pages they are placed on let me know! I'd love to follow them.  

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  1. this is good my younges dautheris due in july so going to start make one


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