Sunday, November 24, 2013

Orange and Pink Baby Shower

I’ve never hosted a baby shower until just a few weekends ago.  My sister in law is having a baby girl any day now and, since I have a house that’s pretty central for the guests that were traveling, I hosted it here!

I had a lot of fun planning the decorations and it turned out super cute. {a peek at the mom-to-be in orange}DSC_5713-2

Thank you, Target, for having a pack of four onesies that went perfectly with the color scheme ;)Pink and Orange Onesies on a clothesline

I made a bunch of tissue paper pom-poms for the lights in this room and my living room---definitely made the decor-cuteness go way up!Pom Poms and Onesies--Simple Baby Shower Decor

Partners—My older sister, Jen, and my other sister in law, Heidi,  helped me put this all together.  DSC_5733-2

  My game was The Price is Right.  I bought a ton of baby items and people had to guess the prices of all the items—closest to the real total without going over won the prize.  All the baby items were gifted to the mom-to-be!!DSC_5736-2

  Instead of a cake we did pre-scooped ice cream in cups for a Sundae Bar!  Definitely a hit.Ice Cream Bar Ice Cream Bar2

Thank you to Heidi who put all these favors together the morning of the party! It never would have gotten done without her help!   Thanks for Popping in To Celebrate--Party Favors

The party was a success!  People 1


  1. Looks like your shower was a blast! I love the colors. I'm sure the mom to be loved it as well. I love your Price is Right game. That's an awesome idea.

  2. so fun! You had a lot of great ideas!

  3. This combination of colors looks so warm and welcoming. I have been planning a baby shower for my best friend in one of the finest rooftop LA venue and it is sort of a baby gender reveal party also. I really liked the colors you have used here, I might just consider using these in the party. Thanks a lot for sharing these wonderful pictures.


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