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Our Halloween, Plus Superhero Costumes for the Whole Family

{ENTIRELY TOO LONG—but it’s ALL our Halloween and costume stuff in ONE giant post! I was going to do more than one post, but y’all are probably sick of Halloween and are ready to move onto the other holidays like me!!}
Ok, so the reason for the crickets on this blog this past week…I’ve been super busy making “super” costumes!
When we asked Luke what he wanted to be for Halloween this year, he replied “a superhero” so that is that. I decided to go buy lots of shiny fabric and get to work…a little later than I should have!  I was up to my eyeballs in silver and red fabric for days and days!  But the costumes came out looking awesome and Luke was SO EXCITED to finally get to wear it!!  Makes it all worth it.  Plus, Sam was like the CUTEST super-baby ever and I wish I could dress him up in little superhero capes every single day!
So get ready for LOTS of pictures because I got really carried away and took TONS!!
DSC_9354-2{playing around with the backgound…but it looks pretty fake.  Oh well! Fun to try!}DSC_9351-2b
A real brick wall for this one!DSC_9137-2
First Trick or Treating at Daddy’s work… {well actually we had the church Trunk-or-Treat the night before…but anyway…}
then we went trick-or-treating on Main (to visit Uncle Al at his bike shop) and THEN Trick or Treating around the neighborhood! We got lots of candy for sure!  We couldn’t ask for a better night!  I can’t believe it was actually warm enough to just wear a t-shirt! 
DSC_9360-2DSC_9419-2DSC_9414-2DSC_9396-2DSC_9425-2This is not even the entire pile!  DSC_9434-2DSC_9440-2DSC_9446-2b
We took the most awesome video of Sam playing with the candy!  He was seriously happy as a clam playing with all the wrapped candy for 30 minutes! DSC_9451-2
Luke actually dressed up for Preschool too! {it was a VERY busy day!}  These I snapped before we walked him to school. 
So there you go!  Homemade Super-Family costumes. 
I snapped some shots of the aftermath that some of you may have seen on instagram {@kdbsmiles} …and this doesn’t include the HUGE pile of laundry that was neglected, the dishes that were seriously everywhere, the dirty floors…bathrooms…bedrooms…the house was {and still is, but we’re making progress!} a disaster from being neglected for days and days as I finished these costumes!

For all the costumes, I found stretchy and super shiny red fabric ($4.97/yd) and stretchy silver fabric ($6.47/yd) (meant for dancer’s costumes) at Wal-mart.  I bought about 1 1/2 yards of the red fabric and 2 yards of the silver fabric.  I still have about 1/4 yard left of the red and almost a whole yard of the silver left.  Since we didn’t use a pattern for anything I bought plenty not knowing how much I would need or use (or screw up!!) 

  • White long sleeved tee $5, Target
  • Red Pants $5, Target
  • Cape—designed it myself, sewed on the starts at the shoulders.  The cape secures onto the shirt itself with Velcro.  Only did it that way because I ended up cutting it too small to clasp together at the neck…oops.  He liked it better this way because it didn’t poke him or choke him, but he just won’t be able to play with the cape until I figure out a better way to clasp it. 
  • Cuff—used this pattern from See Kate Sew.  Sewed Silver fabric to thicker pleather-like fabric for stiffness & to maintain shape.  Sewed on stripes for flare. 
  • Belt—used the pleather again for stiffness.  Sewed silver fabric onto it and then just layered the pieces of star in red and silver and used a lot of iron-on adhesive and fusible interfacing to maintain shape and secure all the pieces. 
  • Mask—there’s lots of patterns online for masks.  I found one and then altered it a bit to make it a slightly different shape.  I made it a little too tight, so he only wore it for a little bit at the Trunk-or-Treat and we ditched it for all the other festivities. 
  • I almost made him silver shoe covers and a matching trick-or-treat bag…but I was done.  So that was it for his costume. 
  • Long sleeved onesies (pack of 3/$9), Target
  • Cape-sewed onto onesie
  • star and belt, cut out and iron-on adhesive to onesie. I zig-zag stitched around the belt for a little more stability.  
  • boots—used this picture from Pinterest to make somewhat of a pattern and just tweaked it a bit (seams on the inside instead of the outside) I just wish I had made them red instead of silver. 
  • Leggings--long grey socks ($2, Target) sewn together like this
Mom and Dad SHIRTS:
  • Women’s t-shirt $5 Wal-Mart
  • Men’s t-shirt $5 Wal-Mart
  • Red lettering from red shiny fabric & iron-on adhesive
Let me know if I’m forgetting anything!  I love how these turned out!  We had a great Halloween this year—hope you all did too!!


  1. That is seriously the best superhero cape I have EVER seen!
    Awesome work!

  2. So darling! I see no reason at all for Sam not to wear a cape daily, he is the cutest super baby!

  3. You all looked wonderful! I love the costumes. You made Sam's leggings too, right?

    1. Yes! I forgot, they were $2 long socks from Target that I sewed together! I will add that to the list!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Nice work! Super cute costumes/pictures!!!

  6. You really are a super mom and super dad with super kids!

  7. You are so creative as talented. Looks like you all had a wonderful Halloween!!!


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