Monday, November 05, 2012

Blocking the Stairs

Sam is growing up FAST.  He has been climbing UP the stairs every chance he gets! 

Unfortunately, he is still too little to figure out how to get back down safely.  He loves to hover at the top of the stairs and look down.  He will get up on his knees and get excited…which gives me a heart attack! 

So we built a stair blocker.  We have extra wide stairs, with one side being a wall and the other side being a railing, there aren’t many gates {that I’m willing to pay for and install} that will work.  So we came up with our own solution.

A piece of wood that is 2 feet high and 5 1/2 feet long—my dad was nice enough to go to Home Depot and pick it up {and get it cut} for me, then I just covered it in batting and then stapled fabric to it. 


We can slide it back and forth and take it out whenever we need to.  Or we can just step over it {even Luke.} So far it’s working pretty well!DSC_8688-2

“Now how do I get down there?”DSC_8691-2

“I guess I’ll just chew on this thing instead.”DSC_8695-2

When Luke was a baby we used a long piece of ugly cardboard, so this is a big improvement ;)

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  1. I LOVE his face trying to figure out how to get down. Cutest face ever!!! Smart, simple solution. Isn't it ridiculous how expensive things can be. I remember way back when, when Michelle would play on the stairs and it would freak us out too. Long time ago.


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