Thursday, November 08, 2012

Best Laid Plans

My hubby is MIA at meetings tonight, so I had totally planned on tackling this lovely mess...DSC_9874-4

Followed by possibly tackling and organizing THIS lovely closet...


yeah…scary.  This is what happens after a really busy summer and after several 1/2 done or failed projects…everything just gets shoved into the bottom of this closet! 


Instead of doing either of those things…

…after I got both boys down for bed, I watched one innocent little video about curling waves into your hair with a flat iron...and then I got sucked in to half a dozen MORE video tutorials on hair on YouTube!!  

This has happened to me one other time too...but that time it was make-up tutorials on YouTube!

So the kitchen remains a mess.  And the closet…HA.  no way.  It’s way too late to tackle that insanity tonight.  I'll just go watch TV instead.  The kitchen and closet will still be there tomorrow [obviously!]  Ha!

I still have to makeover this mess:


Followed by this scary corner closet:


I swear I clean out this corner closet at LEAST six times a year!  But, it’s where all the seasonal d├ęcor is, as well as all the wrapping paper and packaging supplies are, and the catch-all for things I need to stash out of sight quickly…so it just gets messy. 


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  1. I'm planning on cleaning this morning, too. Of course by posting this comment I prove that instead of folding laundry, I'm actually sitting at the computer desk probably about to get sucked into fb/pinterest instead... Ah, c'est la vie! Must. Unplug. Now!


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