Friday, December 30, 2011

Cute Handmade Shirts for Gifts

Luke and my unborn baby boy got quite a few really cute handmade shirts for Christmas!

My sister-in-law made several super tiny onesies for our baby boy who’s not here yet!  DSC_3554

She also made this other onesie for the baby, and one for Luke to match


And lastly, another shirt for Luke


They are perfect. (Thanks, Amy!)

First, My mom made each of her grandkids these adorable snowman shirts!  DSC_3559

I was actually talking to her on the phone and told her my plan to make one and she said “NO! don’t do it!!”  Then she told me she made them for all the kids!  Honestly, hers came out way cuter and I’m grateful I didn’t have to sew all those buttons on!!

However, that left me with a plain white shirt for Luke still…so I made this one!  DSC_3453

It’s based off this print from JSGD.  I found the dino svg file here.  I designed it with Sure-Cuts-a-Lot and cut it out of freezer paper using my Cricut.  Then I painted it with fabric paint.

It says the same thing as the shirt Amy made, and darn it do great minds think alike or what!  This phrase is actually pretty perfect for Luke who is always going around rawr-ing at people!  I like that he has 2 versions of the phrase on shirts now.  If' I’d known I could have made him a different shirt—but I didn’t, so now he has two :)

Lastly, every year I make Luke a shirt to wear on Christmas Day.  Last year I made a bleached Tee

This is his (very appropriate) shirt for this year:


I also did this one with a freezer paper stencil. 

Love that Luke has a bunch of cute handmade shirts now, and I look forward to putting the little ones on my little baby!


  1. So cute! You and your friends and family are so talented. Are the shirts silk screened. Fun clothes for them to wear. So excited to see your baby boy. Hope he comes soon, at a time that is good for him and safe for him and mommy!

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