Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Quick & Easy Holiday Shirt

I saw this idea on Design Mom for Bleached Cotton Tees and decided to give it a try for Luke's Christmas shirt this year.

What you need:

100% Cotton Tshirt
Cotton balls, and spray bottle
Vinyl/contact paper design
(I chose a Christmas Tree, and cut it out with my cricut, but you can cut out simple designs like this with scissors pretty easily)

Here's what you do:

Secure your vinyl design on your T-shirt.
Be sure to put rags (ones you don't care about getting bleached out) between the layers of the shirt so that the bleach doesn't leak onto the back of the shirt

Take a cotton ball, dip in bleach and bleach out around your design. My advice here is to do a little around the whole design, let it dry and then see if you want to do more bleach. Also, I used a spray bottle and let it drip & spray a bit around my design for an added effect--but be sure to do a little first and let it dry. The spray dots don't show up as fast as the cotton ball method.

Let the whole shirt dry and then remove your vinyl designs. There may have been some leaks and drips, but these will just add character to your shirt!

I will definitely be playing around with this idea a little more, but this came out pretty good for a first try! Overall it only took a few minutes to do (most of the time was spent letting it dry)


  1. That came out awesome! Good job. Now I want to see it with my grandbaby inside!


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