Friday, December 24, 2010

A Few Favorite Ornaments

Each year growing up, we got a new ornament, and I haven't truly appreciated them until this year. We've started the tradition for Luke and I hope he will appreciate them someday too (or at least maybe his wife will).

One of my first year ornaments (1986)

I have lots of different crystal angels amongst my tree.I was loving a lot of Walmarts ornaments this year, but I especially loved these glittery bows for $1

Scott's mom, Brenda, also has given us an ornament every year since we've gotten married. This was our first one:

Here are two more that she gave us:
This is Luke's first ornament (2008)

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  1. LOVE you ornaments. We have a bunch, but some years don't use all of them. We don't have cool ornaments passed down or get a new one every year. That sounds like something I'd wanna do with my own family someday. Did Scott's parents make all those ornaments that they gave to you? I'm going to go looking for some cute ornaments and I'm checking Walmart for that ribbon. I have a little bit of shopping to do for some people who gave me presents and I wasn't quite expecting them.
    This year, my dad decided we were only going to have a red tree so we only used red lights and red balls and other red ornaments. Was a little bit boring. I jokingly grabbed a bunch of fake poinsettia and stuck it in the tree and it looked good so we went and bought more, and some white, and it turned out pretty nicely. I still would love to do a colorful tree next year. Sometimes it's a fun challenge.


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