Wednesday, December 22, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Actually, it's looked like this all month :)
I found so many things I wanted to make this year but didn't have the time or the heart to do many of them. I think that I may be doing Christmas crafts all next year so that I have the most ridiculously amazing house next Christmas.
yeah right.
You should see the non-Christmas project list!!

The Front Door
[now complete with snowflakes on the windows and real snow covering everything]

The tree. I was going to put Santa's sleigh in the sky, but never got around to it

The vinyl never made it onto this red sign...

Sweater Stockings I made them in 2008

The sleigh I made in 8th grade wood shop (it was a mandatory class). I decided to paint it gold and put a vinyl snowflake on it this year

O Christmas Tree,
it's real! Yay for real trees.
I guess he's kind of part of the decor sometimes too :)
I turned my old read sweater into a pillow, I won the other pillow at a Decor Swap Party

The End.
Merry Christmas!


  1. way way cute! what are you talking about, your house is way christmasy!
    i love that my pinwheel made the decorations.

  2. I LOVE your Keep Calm and Be Merry sign. Merry Christmas!


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