Friday, December 10, 2010

Neighbor Gifts--The Gift of Hope, no Soap...

This might spoil it for some of you that are my neighbors, but for the rest of you time may be running out for a good idea, so I wanted to share mine!

AND, it only cost me $1 per family!

AND i'm entering it the Poppies at Play linky party today so that is the real reason I'm posting this! *update* Also entering in the Tatertots and Jello linky party

Introducing the gift that keeps on giving all year long:

So Here's what you do:

~Go buy up the 88 cent Equate soap (or Soft Soap) at Walmart, I got mostly green ones because it was festive. I got a few red ones, but they are harder to read. The blue ones are good too but the labels are harder to get off.

~take off the front and back labels on the soap. I used Goo Gone to help get the stickies off!

~You'll need a few transparency sheets that are good for printing, and a laser printer--
~Design your art and then print it out on transparency sheets with a laser printer, or you can get them printed at a place like FedEx.

I personalized each one with their last names:
I also made a few with just a monogram & a cute border like this one:

~After you get your transparencies all printed, you cut out each one and roll it up and stick it in the soap. You can use the pump to help it unroll and secure it into place.

~Then tie a ribbon on it and a tag that says this:

That's it!
Your neighbor or teacher with LOVE it.
The best part is they can keep using the bottle by just adding more soap!

merry christmas!!

**more tips & how to personalize these can be found in this later post here**

[if you use my images to make these soaps,
please use them for personal use only, thanks!]


  1. You're hired! You have time to do some for me, right?????

  2. This is such a wonderful idea! I'll have to keep it in my vault for the future. Love it!

  3. we're doing something JUST like this for our extended family members this year! they're so cute. we have one and i love it!
    i LOVE the monogram one, i might just have to make myself one like that!

  4. I love it!! Such a cute idea and your designs are great! Thanks for linking!


  5. Fabulous! I wish I had seen this sooner! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Cute cute cute! I'm not on that friendly of terms with my neighbors, or else this would be fabulous.

  7. Do you design the art on photoshop or do you use a different program?

  8. I use photoshop! It's my favorite. But I know that you can do it on too

  9. What a great idea! But, I am confused about how the transparency sticks to the bottle. What kind of glue do you use?

  10. What an awesome idea! How does the transparency stick to the bottle? What glue do you use?

  11. @Em, The transparency isn't glued on at all--it's actually just floating inside the soap bottle. You roll it up, stick it in and use the pump to unroll it and put it where you want it to float inside the bottle.

  12. I loved this idea. I actually made some for a ladies event I hosted tonight. When I got ready to give them out, all of the letters on the transparency were floating in the soap. I was soooo disappointed. What did I do wrong? I used a laser printer and transparency sheets designed for use in a laser printer?! Please help. I now have 9 bottles of soap with pretty ribbons and tags ready to give away.

    1. so sad! That's never happened to me!
      The only thing I can think of is to let the transparency sheets dry for a day before cutting them up to put them in the soap...other than that I can't really think of why that would happen or how to fix it!
      Sorry, that really stinks!
      I've only ever used softsoap or the equate brand at Walmart--if you are using something different it might be something in the soap taking it off the sheets.

    2. I am totally responsible! I pulled my transparency sheets out today to use in my inkjet and realized that the transparency sheets were for inkjet and not laser- in my haste I thought that because the directions on the back of the package indicated how they should be used in an inkjet printer AND a laser printer that they would work for both. Today I noticed the tiny writing on the front corner that says "Inkjet Printer".

      This is such a neat idea that I will definitely try it again...


    3. My letters crumpled up and made little piles at the bottom. I would really like to make them work! I used my inkjet just to see and the letters didn't crumple but they smeared. The laser printer from professional printing lasted about an hour.


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