Friday, November 26, 2010

Home for the Holidays

This year we spent Thanksgiving at home.
My younger brother, Steve, and Scott's older brother, Derek, were able to join us for our feast.

------The Table------
simple, but still pretty (I didn't really need to impress all the boys!)

------The Prep------

My first Turkey.
Had trouble finding the giblets to take out, a phone call to mom solved that problem (i was looking on the wrong end, oops!)
it turned out moist and delicious, not bad at all :)

------The Rest of it------
J-E-LL-O :)

Rhodes to the rescue-
I didn't want to have to make rolls on top of everything else, so we had Rhodes rolls--which were pretty close.

The pie, oh how i love you!
Apple Pie is my FAVORITE.
I made it extra cute this time too

and of course there was lots of XBOX playing

A Happy Thanksgiving, indeed!


  1. your pie is super cute! i have been experimenting with apple pie recipes for while now and i would love to get yours :) is it on your cooking blog?

  2. I agree, that pie looks awesome :-)

  3. It all looks yummy. I am always amazed at your craftiness and good cookiness. Thanks for sharing your holiday with your brother(s).


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