Monday, January 02, 2012

Tackling the Jewelry Shelf

I have a pretty big closet, so I use one of the shelves for all my jewelry.

Unfortunately, sometimes it starts looking like this:DSC_3519DSC_3520


After staring at this mess for a couple of months (sheesh!) I finally decided to tackle it and get it organized again. 


Ahhh, much better.

The best part is, that I found matches to all my earrings except for one pair!  I though for sure I’d lost several in that mess. 

Cheers to starting off the new year a little more organized!


  1. I love your before and after cleaning projects. I'll be sure to do my before and after when I move into my new place, but that's stil a ways off. I'll also tryto take pics as I move out of my room and go through my things.

    I have all my jewelry in a fishing tackle box. Ne'er been used and divided nicely into different compartments but it's hard to see some of the necklaces and pendants so I don't wear some jewelry pieces ever.

    Just curious, has Scott gotten you jewelry besides your ring, like a necklace, and if so, do you wear it everyday or switch it up with other necklaces?

  2. Cool cool. I was just wondering because I have a necklace from Mike from our first Christmas together as a couple and I wore it everyday no matter what for about 9 months. I almost felt guilty not wearing it. Then I'd wear silver jewelry if it matched better. I still wear it most of the time, but interchange other jewelry more and more.


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