Thursday, November 24, 2011

Ornament #4: Snowman

ornament party

Day 4! This is one I just sat down one day and started doing and he turned out pretty cute!

Felt Snowman Christmas Ornament Tutorial


*White Felt (for the head) *colored/pattern felt (Hat) *Orange & black felt (nose & mouth) *white sparkly felt or white fur trim (to trim the bottom edge of your hat) *googly eyes *yarn or ribbon (to tie around the hat & to hang your ornament from)

1. Download this Snowman Pattern PDF and cut it out for your template.

2. Cut 2 circles of white felt and 2 hat pieces of any color/pattern felt you want

3. Sew the circles- leave an opening to turn right side out and then stuff


4. Sew or hot glue your opening closedDSC_2691

5. Sew your hat pieces down each side. Leave the bottom and the top part open so that you can flip it right side out.


6. Cut out and glue on your hat trimming. I used a piece of white sparkly feltDSC_2694

7. Fit your hat onto your snowman head, and then glue it down inside.DSC_2695

8.Tie a ribbon or yarn around the top of the hat. DSC_2696

Loop and tie your ornament hanging loop onto the back like this:


9. Cut the top felt into fringesDSC_2697

10. Glue on the face! I chose to just do the eyes and nose on this one, but you can add little black felt circles for the mouth if you want to.


This is another snowman I tried to do with a real sweater. You can experiment using different fabric & sweaters too if you’re feeling creative! I actually made this one before the felt version I’ve shown you above. It’s kind of like the rough draft for this craft, but I thought I’d show you anyway.


That’s it! Cute little snowman heads to add some fun to your Christmas tree!



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  1. Stopping in from TT&J. I've been collecting ornament ideas and making them with my son. He'll love these! Thanks for sharing. Newly following you. :)

  2. This is sooooo cute!!

  3. Very cute, but the template link isn't working. Please update the link so we can do this for Girl Scouts.


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