Friday, November 25, 2011

Ornament #5 Pom-Poms

ornament party

Now, I actually had a really cool ornament tutorial to show you, but they were taking forever to dry and we had to leave for Florida for the holiday so I couldn’t get that tutorial finished before I left!  So when I get back later next week, I will finish the tutorial and then put it up as a kind of a late bonus tutorial!  They are pretty stunning thus far…here is a sneak peak:DSC_2669

But since time was not on my side this week, I came up with another quick and easy ornament.  If you’ve been making or will be making some of these ornaments that I’ve posted this week, you will probably have leftover yarn to use for these pom-poms.  I like these for ornaments because they are most definitely kid-friendly!


{PS excuse my crappy pictures, I was tired and was doing these late at night while we watched TV}

All you do is grab a fork. I used a really big fork to get bigger pom-poms

Cut a piece of yarn about 6-8 inches or so long and drape it evenly on both sides like this:DSC_2868

Then start wrapping yarn around the fork


When you feel like you are done wrapping (I didn’t really count how many times I went around-just play around with it) pull really tight and tie a knot.  Then take it off the fork and pull it really tight again and tie another knot.  You should have some string left for a loop to hang the ornament.DSC_2871

Cut the loops


Trim to look like a ball!



The one on the left I did with a regular fork, and the two on the right I did with the jumbo fork.DSC_2878

You can find really cool sparkly yarn too—I found this at Hobby Lobby—it will bring a little bling to your poms


That’s it!  And that concludes my Handmade Ornament Party Week!


Like I said we are in Florida right now celebrating the holiday with my hubby’s family (and enjoying the nice warm weather!) I will probably be finishing up posting some pictures of my fall d├ęcor and such that I never got around to but then it’s going to be ALL Christmas!  I love Christmas!  Happy Holiday Weekend!



  2. I've been pinning your ideas all night! So glad to have stumbled on to your blog! But I am dying of curiosity what the top picture is and how you did it. Do you have a post of it somewhere? Is it just salt dough that you lightly pushed in a stencil or cookie cutter in to? It's on my to do list as soon as I find out!

    1. Hi Mary!
      I'm sorry I never went back and finished writing about that!
      It was a variation on a salt dough recipe--I can't find it anymore. And yes I just pushed my stencils and cookie cutters into the dough before I let it dry.
      It was ok for some of the ornaments, but most of them were too cracked once they finished drying to actually paint and use.
      I'm hoping to try out a few other methods {like clay} this year to actually make those cute stars work!


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