Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Kitchen Gallery Art Wall

Decided that a certain kitchen/dining room wall needed to help bring more color to the room, I created a mini gallery wall and incorporated some fun colors.  DSC_1445-2DSC_1442-2

I created this in Photoshop using a quote found on the internet a while back.  DSC_1438-2

Then I made this one using some of my leftover teapot fabric (used here & here), and a set of cute utensils I found at D.I.  My hubby thinks this particular piece of kitchen art is “weird” (as in its weird to frame things you eat with and call it art) but I like how it turned out and fits with the kitchen.


Two more projects I finished are coming your way tomorrow!


  1. Kevin would think that was weird, too. Boys just don't get it sometimes ;-)

  2. Ummm yeah could I totally get a copy of that quote...I totally need that or my house!!!! You are so talented Katie! You made it look so stinkin cute!


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