Saturday, October 02, 2010

3 Down, Lots more to go!

Here are 3 of the Halloween projects I've finished so far, as promised!

First, my Halloween wreath. I was going to make these just out of black fabric but then I remembered this fabric I had that was black with purple speckles that I was going to make a skirt out of like 5 years ago. It's the perfect Halloween fabric! I had tons of it--so much that I am going to make a table runner out of the rest of it--Sweet!!
I am still planning on painting my door red in the next week or two, so that will help it POP more on the door.

Second, my jack-o-lantern wood project. I bought these guys unfinished from a friend in April. I painted the edges and the hats and then mod-podged paper onto the brims and pumpkin parts. The faces are metal pieces that poke out a little and jiggle because they have little springs on the back. Cute. She'll be happy to see them finished.

During the first session of General Conference today, I made these guys because it helped me focus on the speakers and because Scott went into work this morning and couldn't listen to it with me.

I got the idea from here.
I thought it looked simple enough, but modpodge, tissue paper, and I... not get along.

I ended up double layering the green frankenstein one and now the light has a hard time coming through. And I messed up the face on the ghost, but you can't tell from far away so I guess that's ok. Overall it all still looks pretty cool awesome.

My friend Shelley gave me the idea for the mummy one. I think it turned out great!
They look so awesome all lit up.
I must tell you how much you should appreciate the picture of them all lit up inside because let me tell you I HATE lighting candles. Scott was not home so I sucked it up and lit them just for you.

And a sneak preview of another ongoing project...Scott spray painted my branches (he sincerely wanted to so i let him) that I collected on Thursday night black. They are going to be AWESOME.
The end!
I put up more pictures when I finish more projects!


  1. I totally just realized my Frankenstein looks happy. His mouth is upsidedown!! grrrrrr. Maybe I'll make him a friend...

  2. those candle things are so cute!! i may have to seal that idea from you one day.


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