Friday, October 01, 2010

Happy October!!

We are totally out of milk.
and eggs.
and bread.
and cheese.

I've been waiting for today to come so the grocery budget would renew and I could go grocery shopping. (by the way, we've been using for over 2 years now and love it)

I've been working hard all week on Halloween projects, but I'm only half way done with a lot of them. I should be finishing up 2 of them today and I can post up the pictures this weekend.
Yesterday I dragged Scott & Luke with me to a little park near some woods in Saratoga Springs. Mission=collect branches. Since we dont' have any trees of our own (and if we did they would be babies) we had to drive to go get some elsewhere. It was fun though. Like I said there was a park, so Scott played with Luke on the slides while I collected dead branches to my hearts content. There was even a little feral cat there watching me.

OOOO you are so going to love all my projects! Here is my "inspiration sheet" that I used as I planned on what I wanted to do. I copy some, alter others...
I always collect pictures/tutorials of ideas for the holidays and then make a picture sheet like this to carry to the store for supplies & more ideas as I shop the decor and stuff. I'll tell you that I am still collecting pictures and I have so many more ideas that didn't fit on just one sheet, too!

It's been fun! I bet you are aching to know what I've been up to ;)


  1. That picture sheet is such a good idea! I have the hardest time picking stuff out to decorate with because I don't know if it will all coordinate but that would help so much!

  2. I really am looking forward to what you've made! The photo sheet is a great idea :) I always see photos and say, man-I sure like that...but always buying nothing after I go shopping. I am slowly but steadily fixing my home decor issues. :)


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