Tuesday, May 18, 2010


My friend, Shelley, and I got together last week and made an awesome centerpiece for our tables.

We got the idea here. I altered the look a little to fit my preferences.

We started Thursday and worked for a few hours on it, then I worked all day on Friday finishing up the flowers. Sunday I put the finishing touches on it and here they are!

That is FIFTY fabric flowers. I have never made that many flowers in one sitting before. I think it's safe to say I've got the technique down pro.

Instead of gluing the flowers down to the burlap ball, I just pinned them in with pearl straight pins. Now I will be able to switch out the flowers for different holidays and seasons! (That was Shelley's fabulous idea)


  1. LOVE THEM!! I want a tutorial :)

  2. They're adorable!!! I'm so glad to have supplied a bit of motivation :) They're definitely worth finishing! This is going on my inspiration board. :) And congrats to your bro for finishing an honorable mission! That's such a huge deal! It's wonderful to find other LDS women on the blogospere. Just wanted to say glad to meet ya!


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