Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Garden

FINALLY, the weather helped us out a bit and allowed us to finish our Garden!
Last year we basically threw the plants and seeds in the bed and said "good luck!" We got a ton of yellow squash (which we never ate) and a ton of tomatoes (yay! we were happy about this) But only a few beans, one or two cucumbers and no bell peppers.

This year Scott and I wanted to do something different. My sister gave me a copy of Mel Batholomew's Square Foot Gardening for my birthday last year and I read it over a few times this winter. We constructed the boxes in March and painted them, but then they sat there empty for a long time until just this weekend when we finally filled them up with the special dirt and planted everything! It's going to be so much better this year!

They will look even better once we finish the path and the surrounding beds and put down mulch. For now, here's what they look like:

We planted: cucumbers, cilantro, bell peppers, jalapeno peppers, chili peppers, ancho peppers, several kinds of tomatoes, strawberries, and I snuck in a daisy plant because I love daisies and it's not sunny enough to put them in my porch pots. We're going to try to can Salsa this year--that's why we have so many peppers. Anyway, wish us luck! May the veggie gods treat us well this year!

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