Saturday, February 20, 2010

Still Counts

I almost forgot to blog today!! It may be late, but it still counts!

Bullet points are excellent for quick's my day in bullet points:
  • Woke up at 5:30 to a screaming Luke because his leg was stuck through the bars of his crib--he's done this before, but now his leg is bigger so it was pretty stuck. He kicks the wall through his crib bars--I guess we'd better pull his crib away from the wall so he'll quit kicking and won't get stuck again.
  • Because of all that, it took me 10 minutes to rock him and calm him down and then I laid him back in his bed--but he didn't like that and cried for another 10 minutes. He finally quit--but then it took me another 15 minutes to fall asleep after being wide awake for the last half hour.
  • Slept in past 8 (Luke slept in until 9)
  • Showered, got ready, went on an early trip to Roberts.
  • Had a 50% coupon i wanted to use to buy a cricut accessories set, and I also was on the hunt for scrapbook paper looking like denim (more on that project later)
  • Went home--got home at 9:45
  • Only had 15 minutes--dressed Luke, held & played with him and I was back out the door
  • 10:00-11:15 Photo Club--first meeting of the Lehi Photography Guild (fun, fancy name) It was fun and I'm looking forward to working on my first assignments (Portrait & Landscape)
  • Went home and CLEANED. The house always turns into a disaster area on the weekends. So I cleaned A LOT and hopefully it will stay that way through the rest of the weekend.
  • Spent the afternoon trying to figure out "actions" in Photoshop. (more on that later probably)
  • Hung out with Hubby & Luke (once he woke up) until about 6pm then we left to meet my brother Al and his wife at the Pizza Pie Cafe in Provo
  • Dinner at said Cafe, then back home to put Luke to bed, hang out and play games
  • Promptly BROKE my eye contact in HALF trying to rub makeup off of it when I got home. I HATE my contacts and now i have no choice but to go next week and get new ones. Now i'm irritated now because I have to wear my glasses and 1. i hate them 2. they are like 6 years behind in updated prescriptions so I can't see as well. I'm going to have a headache tomorrow I just know it. Grrrrrrr.
  • After games, Al & Steph left and Scott watched a movie. I didn't feel like watching a movie, so I worked on a sewing project (more later on that too) and remembered that I needed to blog.
So here I am. And now I've blogged, so I'm going to bed!!

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  1. Katie,
    You are so busy, I am glad you have time for yourself. I would love someday to share photo / Photoshop rap session. When you get your new contacts get a new pair of glasses too!


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