Friday, February 19, 2010


I'm so tired!

I've been going to our Stake Women's Fitness class for 3 weeks now (every MWF). On Fridays, a friend of mine--Chelsi--teaches. She kicks my trash every time. In a good way. It takes me the whole weekend to recover and then we're back working out on Monday.

I've come to love going because it's a great workout and there's lots of people to talk to, so it's fun.
And I know I'm working hard because I'm ready to collapse when it's over and I'm always sore the next day! It's a lot of cardio combined with body toning and I've definitely started seeing the results. It definitely beat hopping on the elliptical everyday which is boring and not that great of a workout.

Luke does great too--he eats snacks and walks around the gym with the other kids. (All the other kids just run around and play with balls or toys in the nursery while the mom's workout)

Hooray for Fitness! The end.

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  1. LUCKY! I think our stake should 100% do a stake women's fitness class too. It sounds like a blast!


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