Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Hello August.

To me, August is almost depressing. It has always meant the ending of Summer and all that goes with it. It's a bit stranger this year because I'm actually not returning to school at the end of the month--how strange is that? But that's ok with me because I am so DONE with school. Scott is hoping to go back to school (not this Fall, but as soon as possible) He's been studying for the GRE so he can start a master's program.

I am, however, returning home to OHiO. Luke & I will be traveling there at the end of the month and staying for just over a week. I'm both nervous and excited. Nervous to take my crazy monkey on the plane alone without the hubby and excited because I haven't been home since 2007 and I just love going home.

Also, this is the month of our 5k! It's on Saturday of this week! I don't know how well we will do, but at least we will have fun trying. Yesterday I ran the length of it and only walked a few times--it took me about 40 minutes to get back home from start to finish. So that's pretty good.

Hoping this month to get some projects done, paint colors finalized and a mishmash of other things :)

We had a yardsale on Saturday...but most of it wasn't our stuff. However, we had pretty good success and we did make some money! It was fun to hang out with our friends while we did it more than actually doing it.

OH, and I've moved Luke's walking up to about 95% walking 5% crawling. Over the last week he's perfected getting up to standing from the middle of the floor both indoors and outdoors. He only crawls when he's trying to get somewhere (usually to me) really fast and trips first trying to walk fast. Oh it's so cute to see him toddle around! AND, his 2 new favorite things to do are to stick out his tongue and tell us what to do. He grabs our fingers, hand and moves them to push buttons, etc. He also trys to feed us and make us take drinks from his sippy cup. :) Love that Luke!

And this is a picture of the nasty huge bug that I almost stepped on in my bathroom on Saturday morning. We found it again later that night and I made Scott put it outside. I wanna know how it got in!! It was like 3 inches long! Groooossss.

The end.


  1. Too bad I'm not around... I would have been ALL OVER that yardsale... like that couch... omg. We need couches SO BAD and that one looks NICE.

    Gross, I hate bugs. Rodney has killed like 8 spiders since we moved in. Eeeek!

  2. wow big post.
    5K. blah. scary.
    I didn't know Scott is going to take the GRE?
    That bug is HORRIFIC.

  3. Hurray for going home! I hope you have a wonderful time and Luke is a good boy for his mamma.

    Good luck on your 5K! Sounds like you've prepared really well for it. That's awesome. I need to get my butt in action.

    Yea for the yard sale. We've been trying to clean house as much as possible and would really like to get some money for our stuff, but that takes more time than donating.

    End of summer also means you get to look forward to beautiful fall colors! =)

  4. Wow, looks like a serious garage sale, how did it go? I am so impressed you are doing the 5K , let me know how it goes.

    I think a Wife should be able to spend some time with her Parents every year, glad you are doing that, Plus it gives Scott and I some time without feeling guilty about taking him away, roughing it out in the wilderness.


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