Wednesday, August 05, 2009



I let youtube babysit Luke.

He watches Baby Einstein and other baby videos on youtube when I just need him to stay put for a few minutes. This is the only thing that works. If he's just playing with toys or exploring a room, he will drop everything and whine after me if I leave for even a few seconds. But this works--he is glued to it. At least for ten minutes and then he loses focus :) But those 10 minutes are heaven.


  1. I think Luke is so intelligent!
    He has to be able to understand a lot of it or it would not occupy so much of his attention!

  2. Alexander's favorite shows: dragontales, between the lions, curious george, and sid the science kid. There are a few because if I don't mix it up every time, he gets bored and then mommy doesn't get her shower. :-)

  3. Maybe I'll have to try that!


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