Saturday, August 15, 2009

Family Newsies

I have been up to a lot, but haven't really wanted to blog much. I'll do that now...

I'm trying to put up more pictures in our house which in some spaces requires ordering prints. In order to buy prints, I have to upload the prints (i use they have awesome prices and great sales). In order to upload prints I have to go through all the pictures and in the process I organize, tweak & alter them, and all that can take a long time. So that's a major project. I also have to get back in the groove and upload back ups onto Smug mug--I'm behind all the way back to April 1st!! Yikes.

I'm also endlessly trying to pick paint colors. The hardest room is by far the main living/dining room area. It's such a main room and the walls can be so tricky. It just might be the last room to get done if it ever gets done. I have chosen a few other rooms' colors. The kitchen will be green, Luke's room is going to have an orange wall or a blue wall (still ultimately deciding) the rest of the walls will be a light creamy color. The guest bedroom will be turquoise/aqua and brown with some greens. My craft room is going to have 2 coral colored walls. Our bedroom was going to be a light turqoise and yellow, but I keep changing my mind. The curtains I had found were those colors but the fabric wasn't on sale like I thought so I might go back on my plan and start over. Plus I don't know if i'll like those colors in there and ultimately I want to only paint ONCE. That goes for the whole house--hence why it's taking so long. AND,

I've been working on a bunch of little craft projects and organizing projects.

We've been hanging out with the neighbors a few times for BBQs and such. We played rockband that was projected onto the side of neighbors house which was awesome. We had projected a movie in the same spot back near the 4th of July. It was so fun and the spot on the house is perfect once the sun goes down behind the mountains.

I ran my 5k in about 35 1/2 minutes. Not too shabby. I was pretty much dying at the end though. I might be running another one in October but I haven't decided yet. I have pictures I'll have to get up later.

Luke and I had a little adventure with some friends at Thanksgiving Point on their $2 tuesday this week. I took him to Farm Country and we looked at all the animals. He really liked the ducks and not so much the other animals. He might still be too little to care.

We also found a sweet praying mantis in our front yard and played with it for a good 1/2 hour. (more on that later.)We had to get very creative this week and not to get too bored because we went 2 weeks without having a TV (we had to send it away for a new one--which finally came) I don't want too much TV normally, but it was definitely missed every day between 4:30 and 5:20--that last our before hubby returns is killer and I usually turn on the TV because it makes it go by faster.

And as of today Luke is 100% weaned. A small victory. More later because this post is already too long. Let me just say it was a LOT easier than I was expecting. He has also been 100% walking for about 2 weeks maybe more now. Such a cutie. I realized the other day that it's probably a good time to buy him some shoes :)

I also had fun watching my nephews last week. It's been a really really long time since I've gotten to play with them just them and me. No Luke. No hubby or anyone else. We went for a walk/bike ride and found small apples on the ground. We played a game too. It was great. I miss those cutie-patooties.

This next week I have lots of wedding stuff coming--A bridal shower, a bachelorette party, a wedding and reception--all for my friend Melissa who was my freshman year roommate. We lived together for 3 years and she's marrying a friend we knew our freshman year too--although they didn't start dating until a few years later and both of them went on missions.


  1. I have been trying to figure our solor schemes too! We are going to close very soon on a house and it desperately needs some help with paint. I have had fun trying to figure things out but it is harder than I thought trying to coordinate everything. Let me know how yours go.

  2. Wow the Brown’s have been busy, how do you do it all? Look forward when visiting in a few weeks to see the pictures you have ordered. Good luck with the colors, they sound challenging, knowing you good luck only painting once, I would say you will paint many times!

    Glad you guys seem to enjoy the neighborhood. It sounds fun projecting rockband on to the side of a house, cool! Have you got your TV back yet? Hope you had a good time with the Wedding stuff, give My Grandson a big hug for us, and miss you guys.

  3. When am I watching Lukie?


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