Sunday, August 16, 2009

WHY the FuSs!?

So Luke has been amazingly fussy and irritable for a week and today he had a fever. He was drooling and has been sucking on his finger all morning and this afternoon and pried open his mouth and found a MOLAR!! His back left molar had come in!!! AND on top of all that I think his 8th tooth in front has finally decided to make an appearance and is starting to come in. I can't tell if the other back molar is coming in too, but it wouldn't surprise me now. he seriously has been SO fussy!! Drove me nutty all week!!

That definitely explains it. I had no idea because it was so far back in his mouth! Needless to say I was shocked.

Poor little babe! Darn those teeth. Growing up is no fun sometimes.


Luke actually has an ear infection and a sore throat! One of his molars DID come in, but I think it actually came in last week when he was throwing all kinds of tantrums and screaming fits. The current behavior is just plain and simple illness. Very sad though. Poor baby.

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  1. Sometimes it doest seem like it, but life and growing up just gets better and better. That was an awesome time on your 5k!


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