Thursday, July 30, 2009

Our 2nd Anniversary

My huge bouquet of flowers :)

Tuesday (28th) was our 2nd Anniversary and so to celebrate Scott & I went to Tucanos for our Anniversary dinner. (Obviously this isn't a picture of Tucanos, but I thought it was much cuter). We had some awesome gift certificates (Thanks, Andrew!) and so basically we had to pay the tip. It was great! We finished it off with a piece of raspberry cheesecake (there's always room for cheesecake :)

Then we had tickets to go see Harry Potter. It was my turn to pick the movie (last year Scott picked The Dark Knight). It was pretty good I guess. I felt a bit lost because unlike the first 5 books which I've read 2-3 times each, I've only read books 6 and 7 once each. I guess I got too busy with school and life and stuff I never picked them up to read again. But I thought the movie was pretty good and definitely comical at times.

All in all a great anniversary date, I love my hubby and I'm grateful we have many more anniversaries to look forward to!


  1. The flowers are awesome, you must like gerbera daisies. Glad you guys had a great anniversary. We have been married for 35 yrs. and they just get better.

  2. Your husband always does a good job with the flowers.


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