Monday, June 22, 2009

Double Ouchies

Scott and I have been seeing a LOT of this lately. Luke's had a runny nose for over 2 weeks too, and his appetite is lacking and sleeping is definitely OFF, not to mention he's super clingy. I got fed up with it and took him in today on a whim--not even expecting it to be an ear infection because he doesn't have any of the "symptoms" i'm always hearing about. Well it turns out...DOUBLE ear infection. Dang, poor little guy! I'm SO glad I took him in! So it's amoxicillin for the next 10 days--but that's ok with Luke because he loves it and likes sucking on the syringe. Hopefully this will bring back our happy baby and he'll start eating and sleeping better again.

As for me I'm finally starting to feel normal again too after being sick all last week. I cleaned out our 3rd bedroom and made it a Creativity Zone where I can sew and paint and create. I got my new sewing machine and I'm learning how everything works, but I can already tell I'm going to love it! Now the possibilities are endless!! My first sewing project will be my kitchen curtains. After 10 months of living here it's about time we get something up on that big front window!! I'll definitely be putting up pictures. We're also deciding on PAINT colors! I loathe the neutral color on our walls right now--it has a pink undertone which I detest. It's driving me nuts. Baby steps room at a time. I want to make sure to choose wisely because I don't want to paint more than once. Anyway, super excited!

We also have a bunch of family coming into town next week so it should get nice and hectic around here. My friend Nikki is also coming from Hawaii to visit this weekend too--CaN'T WaiT!!


  1. sad baby! Oh we know all about the ear infections in this house. They are awful. Good job for taking him in, mommies always know best.
    I'm glad you're feeling better! We need to get together!
    Oh and I am so excited for you to paint, I love painting.

  2. We fell so badly for our little guy. I am so glad you took him in to the doctor, that’s always a safe thing to do. Scott use to get those frequently, and the doctor would tell us, they if left untreated the infection can spread to other organs and be very serious if not caught.

    Hope you have a good time with family. Also Ali and Anthony should be in your area around the 27th of the month

    Hope Luke gets felling better quickly


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