Wednesday, June 17, 2009

11 Months

Where does the time go? My baby is becoming less of a baby every day!

Luke is 11 months old!!

He's full of funny faces & expressions

He tries to pick out my contact lenses with his fingers

He's starting to stick out his tongue--which I encourage just because I think it's cute

When he gets frustrated he hits with both his arms. We're trying a few things to get rid of this bad habit, but I don't think it will stop until he can communicate in other ways.

He likes to push things across the room so we got him some big cars. He's perfectly happy pushing books, plates or chairs across the room though. He even pushed Scott who tried on some roller blades the other day (video). These cars are the kind that you pull back and then they zoom forward on their own--It totally freaked out Luke the first week we had them. He'd crawl really fast to me and climb up my leg. He does the same thing with other loud noises (like the vaccum)

He LOVES his daddy. He recognizes him in the pictures on the wall and he will point and say "Dad" He also says Dad when he sees him in person too. He won't repeat Momma anymore.

He waves byebye when brought to any door and will even do it when he sees cars or people walk away.

He likes just chilling in his bouncy chair. He likes to stand on it and bounce

He likes going outside and feeling the wind. He loves going on walks so we try to do that at least once a day.

He's a stair climber! Only problem is he has no interest in learning how to go down the stairs...only up.

He's still pretty small--I estimate he's just over 16lbs. He is finally outgrowing some 6 month clothes. Except all his pants are still 3-6 months (he has no bum to keep them up!)

He likes to play games--chasing us around the ottoman and playing peekaboo. He also likes to just crawl over us back and forth when we sit on the ground. Apparently we are human jungle gyms

He's got 6 teeth now--four on top, two on bottom.

He's super ticklish on his neck under his ear...I take full advantage to hear the baby giggles.

He dances! He pumps his left hand up and down and bends his knees. I have yet to catch it on video though because he's very selective in which music he'll dance to :)

Another one of Luke's favorite games is Take Off Hat. I put a hat on his head and he smiles and takes it off.

He also still likes playing in the suitcase, so I have yet to put it away and in fact I usually throw some toys in there for him to find.

He's walking with a walker, but doesn't really like walking holding onto our hands. I don't think he'll be walking at the 1 year mark after all.
This is the video of his first day with the walker (he's a bit faster now, but still can't turn)

Our busy boy! We're excited for his 1 year birthday party! Until next month!


  1. Awesome, Wonderful Blog, We miss this little guy so much!! He is growing up so fast! You capture so many of his cute expressions.
    Wish we lived closer, and could take our grandson off your hands.

    Thank you for all you do Katie, we love you guys so much!

  2. I am excited for his birthday too!
    Luke is so so funny.

  3. What great videos (the roller blading one made me giggle) and pictures!!

  4. what a cute kid. :)

    love your new blog design too!

  5. Love the new blog designs!

  6. hehe, I like the "funny face" picture. I must've seriously laughed out loud for at least 5 minutes straight when I saw it :)

  7. Adorable pictures of an adorable baby.
    Love ya,
    Grandma B.

  8. Mike and Laura just let us borrow their walker because Alexander loved it so much last time we were over there. It's so funny to see how close these two little guys are in some things.


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