Friday, January 16, 2009

In Need Of...

I'm in serious need of a new rocking chair.

I'm currently using a glider that was given to us and it's worked great up to this point, but sadly it has developed the squeaks.
These are the kind of squeaks that won't (or haven't) gone away with greasing or tightening. It's like a cancer for rocking chairs. And it's annoying.

So. The search has begun.

I like this one from IKEA, but it never seems to be in the store--so I can't try it out and I'm afraid of it being a bit too short--as a lot of IKEA furniture can be sometimes because that's the European style. Too short of a rocking chair means it's harder to get up with a sleeping babe in arms=bad news for a momma with a kid who is a difficult daytime sleeper.

I've also found this one on several websites. I like the simplicity, and the price. I'd only have to make some cushions for it because I do A LOT of rocking with Luke. A LOT.

Opinions? Ideas? Advice on rocking chairs?

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  1. You should check out a lazy boy/recliner. We got one from RC Willey for Hunter and it is a micro fiber one. So comfy and it works great!


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