Saturday, January 17, 2009

Luke Update

Our little guy is
6 moNths 0Ld

and i can hardly believe it.

Wow. Don't babies change SO MUCH in just a short time? It's a miracle how fast they grow, learn and start doing in such a short time. He's half a year old already people! But they really do change quickly--

1 week old-6mo old

Here's what he's up to lately!!

He makes funny faces when he's babbling

He can't sit up on his own yet--probably because he doesn't have much weight on him and his head still topples him a bit--and he's way too wiggly to want to sit still anyway. But he does sit up pretty straight in chairs or when we're practicing.

Just a cute picture

He is movin all over the place!! He can roll whichever way, or pivot to turn around, and he uses his arms to pull himself forward. He also gets up on his hands and knees (like he's going to crawl) and rocks back and forth--he also uses this technique to rock forward, fall and repeat to get somewhere if he doesn't feel like pulling himself with his arms. OR he'll use a combo of ALL these techniques. Nothing is safe. If he wants to get somewhere he will.

He's completely fascinated by his hands--it's funny to watch sometimes. When I put shirts on him with little pictures he'll stare at his arms at the pictures for a while--like "whoa, there's pictures on my arms" He has the same "whoa, I've got hands" face too sometimes.

He loves tags and he'll find them on anything and everything--

We thought he was beginning to like bathtime--but we get the pouty face or even the full on cry at least once at bathtime depending on level of tiredness. He definitely hates the getting out of the bath part because it's cold--but doesn't everybody? The trick to avoid tears are distractive toys--but even these sometimes don't work if he's too tired.

He finds joy in everyday things--he played with this cup and chased it around the room for at least 30 min the other day.

He also loves boxes for some reason. This is him "scratching" at the box--he likes the texture and sound apparently

Luke also likes the mirror
--sometimes it's the only way to get him to stop crying if he's tired or upset.

Well, until next month! Where I'm sure there will be updates of sitting up, solid foods and lots more trouble from this little guy!

PS. His six mo. check up isn't until the 27th for some reason so stay tuned to find out just how little our little guy is!


  1. yeah, i don't know what it is about tags that's so attractive to babies. alexander is totally the same way. it's his favorite part of most of his toys.

  2. There are some great pictures in there!

  3. Want an awesome Blog! It is always one of the big things of our day, to see all the pictures and events of Luke. You are so right, just in 6 months, it is amazing. Wait for the next 6 months; you will be even more amazed! We miss you guys.

  4. thanks for the detailed updates. steph and i won't have to have kids for a while since we can live vicariously through you. :-)

  5. Hey is such a cutie!!! 6 months flies by! 5 years flies by. My oldest is turning 5 next Friday and I'm kind of freaking out. How did that happen?!? Wasn't it just yesterday that he was falling asleep in his high chair?

    Congrats on winning the blog makeover! What a fun contest!!!

    Oh, and your BS from BYU. That rocks!!! Way to go!



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