Thursday, June 12, 2008

You Smell GiRLy

Good. Cuz I'm a girl.

I decided one day to put my Pear Glace lotion from V.C. on my legs one day and 4 hours later when Scott picked me up from class he told me I smell "girly." MMmmMm. How does one take that? I didn't think it would be that strong a scent after 4 hours...but I guess it's a compliment when they say "girly" and not "you stink", right?

Anyway, These are my 3 favorite things right now...especially the last two...

All three are from Victoria's Secret. The first is Pear Glace lotion from the Secret Garden collection. It's probably the one with the most fragrance-like scent to it, but it's still pretty good. The second is Mango Madness lotion from the Body Rush collection. It's so yummy! I've used it pretty much every day since I got it from Lauren on my birthday--sometimes a little, sometimes all over! I love orangy-citrus-y stuff. The third is Sweet Daydream body scrub from the secret Garden collection. It's by far my favorite thing ever! It smells divine, the scrubby stuff in it makes your skin feel incredibly soft!

Oh. My. Skin.
it loves it, i love it.

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