Wednesday, June 11, 2008

They huffed and puffed and blew our dream down...

Well, alas, the dream house is officially off the list.
The 30 days were up.
The bank was choosing a final offer tonight, and we were not on the top of the list. There were 7 other offers...and some of those are probably more able to go much higher than their original offers.

We were kind of expecting this. It's a big, beautiful house...probably too big for a starter home anyway. We would have been getting it for a steal--though, It's still going to sell for a steal, just a bit higher of one than we could steal it for ;)

So...we are going to further pursue other houses we've been looking at and continue searching until we find it! I just wish time was on our side...we're probably going to have to find another month-to-month apartment to move into because we will be getting kicked out of BYU housing in August. Cross your fingers for us!

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