Monday, June 09, 2008

Belated B-Day-ness

Personally, I like it when I get birthday gifts after my birthday ;)
Why only have fun one day?

I got a few more b-day cards in the mail...

One from my mom with some $$ to buy the watch I wanted and I have yet to go find it, but I plan on getting a Jack Johnson Guitar book--the very reason I wanted a guitar in the first place ( i heart Jack)

My amazing VT Crystal baked me homemade bread and brought it over--warm--on Sunday

My sis-in-law brought over her gift--cute baby BYU attire--itsy bitsy BYU socks and a little "cutest cougar" onesie.

She also dropped off Bill & Brenda's gift--an Olive Garden (perfect!) gift card and The Host by Stephanie Meyer which was perfect because I was 4 pages away from finishing the book I was reading and was trying to think of what to read next!

ThAnks, EveryOne For making my Birthday a GoOd One!


  1. Dude, your photos aren't loading? Do you know what's up with that?

  2. Katie! Read The Host! It is SOO good!


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