Sunday, June 15, 2008


Scott's got me hooked on the US Open Golf Tournament right now.
Of all sports I would rather not watch...
and yet, i'm hooked.
I've been sucked in.
And I am actually rooting for people--and not only Tiger Woods either! What has the world come to that I'm watching golf on TV?

I must admit it was pretty exciting to watch some of those amazing shots yesterday!

But I still won't play it, sorry Scott.


  1. I love watching golf. Heeh. People don't think it would be exciting, but it can be, right? :) Hope you had fun. Go TIGER!

  2. I was totally hooked on the US Open! I couldn't believe how it ended, and I kept wanting to talk about it, but of course no one watches golf!

    I wanted Rocco to win so badly. Dang that Tiger.


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