Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Bike Adventures

My brother, Al, has been kind enough to store my beautiful bike through the winter, and now that it's Springtime (though the weather doesn't always agree) it was time for me to go to his bike shop and retrieve it. I love my bike, but I do not love the Utah hills! There is one very long long upward hill on the way home from Taylor's Bike Shop to my apartment at Wymount. I actually had to get off and walk it for a while because I could just not get up that darn hill! It was totally fun before it--and after. I am a flat land lover I guess--no mountain biking for me!
Scott had dropped me off and then actually waited a while, so he honked at me while he drove by. He actually was hooting things out the window. I felt silly being pregnant and riding my bike, but he made me feel good about it still. Then he was waiting for me with the camera in hand to snap these pictures as I rode into our parking lot! Sneaky! Needless to say I was definitely pooped.

(I have a cell phone in my hand because he promised to carry my bike up the stairs for me and I was going to tell him I was there)

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