Monday, April 28, 2008

We are College Graduates!

Last Thursday was the first day of BYU's Graduation. It started with Commencement exercises. Due to drastic changes in the weather--including wind and snow...we decided not to walk in the procession into the Marriot center--seriously, SNOW? It was wacky. Elder Bednar was our commencement speaker. Afterwards, we thought of the idea that we could have just jumped in at the end of the line of graduates anyway, but oh well. It was fun nevertheless. Around 8:00 pm, we headed to Chili's with Scott's parents to get appetizers & desserts. We didn't have to wait long for a table for 4--we must have just missed the huge crowds that had come through their earlier. It was a nice little start-the-celebration treat.

Friday was GRADUATION!! We had an EARLY one--8 am! We woke up super early--but still were late--as always there were unforeseen circumstances, such as the fact that neither one of us had ironed our gowns yet OOPS. It was totally necessary too. So I ironed mine and had Scott iron his own while I finished getting ready. THEN, with only 5 minutes to spare before we were supposed to be there at 7:30, we pull into the Wilkinson Center parking lot and Scott realizes his tassel fell off somewhere. He left to go back and get it--it had fallen off at our apartment complex as we were running to the car. No worries, though because we had plenty of time before we walked into the Ballroom to be seated. Scott got back with plenty of time to be in his department picture. Our convocation was for the College of Math and Physical Science (Computer Science, Scott's major is a Math field). It was so fun to get to hold Scott's hand as we walked in. When we got to our seats, we were on the aisle, and who was across the aisle? Jen, Steve and my grandparents! We made faces with them through the whole thing. Scott's parents and Darcy were on the other side of the ballroom, and after coming down off the stage, Bill took a bunch of pictures. I do have to mention that because it was the Math and Physical Science college one of the student speakers was this super geeky math major and his speech was totally horrible! It was actually painful to hear--not only because he was nervous, but because he didn't really have a message to share--his speech never went anywhere.
Anyway, I loved walking--I've never done it, I didn't go to High School graduation cuz i was done early and not only did i not want to go back for it, it would have totally sucked to wait through 833 students names being read off!!
We met up with all our representing family in the lobby afterwards for some brief pictures and hugs, then Scott's parents, Darcy, Scott and I headed over to the Talmage Building (where Scott spent a lot of his 4 years!) for the reception (yummy fruits and sweet rolls and donuts). Scott was able to thank some of his favorite professors and such. They also had copies of his department picture all ready to give out!
The rest of the day was crazy, but because our convocation was so early, Red Lobster (my choice to celebrate) wasn't busy at all and we had a nice yummy lunch. We spent the rest of the day doing odds and ends--including shopping for a camcorder which was our graduation present choice from Bill and Brenda (it was that or a sofa, but because we don't know what kind of couch will look good in our future home that wasn't the best idea. The camcorder will be awesome for when the baby comes). I wish my parents could have been here, and I know they wished the same, but I was still glad I had some family there for me.

Now I'm taking my new classes. I Love guitar, but I'm going to have to practice like mad to keep up. It's not hard, it's just that my fingers don't want to play nice with my brain and I'm really slow switching between cords even for the simplest of songs :S
My other class will be easy and interesting, it's called Mind/Body health. It's kind of how health is not just physical. I know we will talk a lot about how mental health affects physical health. We'll see.
And there's the yucky English 315 class ind study. I should have just bit the bullet and taken it as a real class. Independent study English is way too much busy work. :P


  1. Congrats on graduating!! Isn't it soooo nice to be done?!

  2. Wonderful pictures. Almost makes up for not being there to see you both graduate. We are proud of you!

  3. Congratulations, Katie!


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