Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Star Wars

We Love Our XBOX 360...

Scott and I have recently bought Lego Star Wars off Craig's List for $10!! We got hooked last summer and it's one of the few XBOX games a girl can enjoy playing. It's funny because it's Legos playing the parts and the little storie clips are funny. It's a fun game to play. Come on, the characters are LEGOS!! How could that not be great??

However, as we were playing, Scott quickly realized how unfamiliar I was with the real Star Wars movies...

Which, naturally, led to a marathon of movie watching. It was so serious, that if I was falling asleep, to the point where I wasn't catching parts in the movies, he would stop it and we'd finish it the next morning or night. It was serious business. Now I have watched all the movies--except Attack of the Clones--but I know the story that I am playing in the game. Aren't you proud?

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