Friday, November 30, 2007

Friday with the Boys

This friday I ended up chillin' with Steve while Scott went to someone's house to help them fix their computer (an easy $20). We played around on his computer and watched an old episode of Beauty and the Geek on TV until Scott got there. We then waited around for Al to come home from work. After he got home we all decided we were hungry and argued between Pizza and Ernies Sports Deli. Al won with the Deli and so we drove there and got these massive breakfast sub sandwich things. massive is an understatement. We drove back to the boys' place and ended up there the rest of the night. Steph, Al's gf came over too (I was glad not to be the only gal there) We had fun playing Phase 10 til about phase 7 before we quit.
All in all I'm just glad we got out and hung out with people this weekend. Tomorrow should be fun too because we are going to play "Cutie and The Geek" sponsered by Microsoft on campus tomorrow and probably win some cool stuff. Even their small prizes are cool. The big prize though is an XBOX 360, which Scott really really wants. The chances of winning are unlikely, but we will at least have fun in the process!

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