Friday, November 30, 2007

Bad/Good Day

Today was bad and good.

Bad because we got off to a late start.
Bad because we had a huge parking fiasco at School
Bad because class was boring and useless as always
Bad because work was crazy busy and my supervisor was stressed and cranky= scary
Bad because it decided to not only be cold, but rainy all day and I didn't bring my umbrella.

Good Because I hung out with my younger brother Steve at his apartment, then was rejoined by Scott, then my other brother, Al, came home and the four of us went to get some food together. We came back to their apartment and hung out for a bit, then Al's GF came over and we all played Phase 10--sevenish rounds, before calling it quits and Scott and I returning home.

Good because a yucky, cold, stressful day turned into a fun evening spent with my awesome, funny brothers. I love my family!

Good Night Moon!!!

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