Saturday, December 01, 2007


Well, the snow may have slightly put a damper on my Saturday, but tonight's events TOTALLY made up for it!!! (ps. Scott bought me a poinsettias for December!)

Scott is a computer science major. Microsoft came to BYU for a promotional event. They called it Cutie and the Geek and they invited couples to come and play in this game. They had donuts and hot chocolate for us and we filled out a survey. My questions were 1. Name something inside a computer 2. Name a computer language 3. How many emails do you get a day? Scott's questions were 1. Name a trendy store in the mall 2. Name an item of makeup 3. name a celebrity that is in the news for having a baby. Though, we didn't know what each other's questions were till later. Once everyone who was coming arrived, they handed out these papers--one for the cutie and a different one for the geek. On the top part of the paper were 2 pricing games. Cuties had to answer pricing questions about geeky stuff--ex how much does this 550GB internal hard drive cost--this or this price--etc etc. Guys had to do a different game about things like perfume or makeup or concert tickets. Then, the survey questions were reversed for us and we had to guess the popular answers for the opposite gender's survey questions. After all that, we totaled up our "couple score" and our score was 65. Turns out, we had the highest score! We made it to the finals with one other couple.

In the finals, the guys had to sing Karaoke to popular female favorite songs--Breath, Kiss me, Ironic...etc. And then, at some point they stopped the music and the guys had to finish the Lyric! The girls had to finish a quote in a geeky movie--Lord of the Rings, Star Trek, Star Wars, The Last Starfighter, etc. Each boy and each girl had to do 3 each. Your team got 2 points for getting the answer on your own, 1 point for getting help from your partner and 0 points for not being able to answer the question.

SO, the results?? Scott successfully finished all the lyrics to all his songs without my help!!! And as for me, I got one movie on my own, one we didn't get and one i got with scott's help. The other team did ok, but not good enough because WE WON!!!

The PRIZES? Scott won an XBOX 360!!! I won a ZUNE (like an ipod) with home pack and car pack!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!!

I kept saying to Scott I can't believe you just got an xbox! I just can't believe it!
We were just so absolutely pumped! We got home around 10 and stayed up past midnight playing with our toys!!

Like Scott said--Best date ever!!


  1. That's so cool! KD, you always were a bit lucky. Do you remember winning stuff at school when you were little? Congrats!


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