Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Weirdest Cat

We stayed at the house of some family friends during our stay in Ohio for our reception, and there was this cat there that acted sooooo unlike a cat sometimes! This cat would try to follow us everywhere, even the bathroom. Once in the bathroom it did definitely raised an eyebrow. Here's one thing it did...

Have you ever seen a cat do that? But the thing that was most bizarre to us was the fact that when we let the cat in the bathroom before we got into the shower, then when we turned on the water in the shower...the cat would jump in the tub!!! It voluntarily would try to get in the water!!! What a weird cat! The cat also didn't really like Scott that much, so I had to come pick it up and throw her out of the bathroom a couple times. We were just careful not to let her into our bedroom either because she would hop on the bed and lay right in the middle of the bed. Silly Kitty. Doesn't she know that cats aren't supposed to like water??

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  1. You need a cat. They're so fun. Cats LOVE running water. But my cat never jumped IN the shower.. but she did love to be inbetween the shower curtains where it was warm and she could watch the water drops on the curtain.... and... my kitty always slept on my feet... every night. I miss my kitty.


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