Friday, September 21, 2007

TGIF, again?

I think this week went by pretty fast, would you agree?

I applied to another job on campus--secretarial in the CB, and fixed up my resume. I'm found another job in the classifieds too. It reads: "PT Data Entry. Work from home doing data-entry and intermediate photoshop manipulation. 20 hrs/wk minimum. Choose your own hours, internet and home computer req'd. Payment per project; $8-$14/hr. Email resume..." Sounds easy enough, right?? Just pray for me that I may find a job soon!!! We'll be ok for a while, but We'll probably go broke by the end of the school year if I don't help out. My bank account is definitely dwindling.

This weekend should be pretty good. Scott and I were planning on going camping, but he's getting over a cold and I've been having some neck pains that I think are due to a bad pillow...i have this new, king-sized down pillow and it's too much for me I think. Just doesn't position me right and then my neck gets these wonky pains that give me headaches. not fun. I actually ended up throwing the pillow on the floor last night and just slept flat on my mattress. :l I don't wanna get addicted to Advil, but the way I'm poppin them for these headaches means I gotta get a new pillow A-SAP. ANYWAY, we aren't going camping (maybe next week) and instead Scott and I are going to go Golfing with Joel and Robbie and then tomorrow Scott wants to go to the game, so maybe I'll go shopping or something. I need new jeans because it's going to start getting cold pretty quick I think. I'm just waiting for it to start raining!!!

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